“Alan West is a UK Treasure. His masterful interpretation of both classic and original Americana songs, together with his easy going stage demeanour, gives the impression of a laid back, front porch musical presentation, but with the professionalism that very few can carry off so effortlessly.”
- Alan Cackett, Editor - Maverick magazine

“I see live music back in Nashville all the time, and believe me, this really is as good as it gets!”
- Hugh Moffatt

“This is country/Americana at its best and deserves a good listen from any fan of that genre.”
- Alan Cackett, Editor - Maverick Magazine

Alan West...Playing The Right Songs

I was clearing out some files the other day and came across this feature that was published in Maverick Magazine back in November 2010.  

Alan West lives in hope; somewhere where people are decent and always do their best. Actually, he lives in Devon where he grew up, but if this was the real world, or a John Prine song, or there was a town called Hope in Devon, then that’s where he’d more

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